Youth in Farming Resources

Here is a resource guide for youth in farming. These are constantly update with new links to material as it becomes available.

Please send us your resources you would like them to appear on this page:

Agricultural Documents and presentations

Most of the links on this page link to documents that can be read with the freely available Adobe Acrobat reader (pdf) program. If you do not have it installed on your computer, you can download it here. Some documents are in .doc, .ppt which can be read using free Libreoffice or MS Office.

CTA guides

Earning money from rearing chicken -
CTA guide Series, 4 page document, 380kb

Rearing Diary Goats at a low cost - CTA guides, 1.5mb

Differents methods of Keeping Bees and Process Honey earn more money to pay your bills, 534kb

Controlling Worms in SheepFailure to control worms affecting sheep can result in blood loss, thin animals and death of all your sheep. In the case of hydatid disease (a disease related to infestation with tapeworm), public health problems and deaths may occur among humans eating infected sheep meat.

Make Money through Fish Farming
The best option for producing more fish in Eastern Africa is fish farming. This leaflet explains how you can make a living from fish farming, especially rearing tilapia.

Rainwater Harvesting and save on time, money and the long trips to the water points
This leaflet describes one method of rainwater harvesting – using hoops. This method is particularly suited to pasture production in dry areas.

Post Harvesting and Processing or commonly called solar fruit drying

Processing TomatoesThis guides describes how process tomatoes into various products for storage and use at home or as value-added products for income generation.

Preserving Green Leafy Vegetables and FruitsThis guides describes how to conserve green leafy vegetables and fruits using different drying methods.

Making Sweet Potato Chips and FlourThis leaflet describes how to make money from sweet potatoes by making and selling high-quality sweet potato chips and flour.

Making Banana Chips and FlourThis guide describes differents methods of making chips and flour from bananas


Establishing a Tree NurseryThis guide explains how to obtain high-quality tree seedlings through tree nurseries.

NAADS Manuals

Rice Farming & Production Manual - Background of Rice farming, Pests & Diseases, Rice Agronomy, Upland rice varieties, Weed Management, Soil fertility management, Nutrient Deficiency and Toxity, Post – Harvest Handling, Harvesting

Rice is increasingly becoming an important food and cash crop in Uganda. Rice forms a significant proportion of the diet of urban dwellers and is one of the major foods in institutions like schools, colleges/universities and hospitals as well as at social functions.

Vanilla Production Manual - Vanilla- The Plant, Planting, Where to Plant vanilla: The growing Environment, Pests and Disease control, Management for flowering and yield, Management for growth, Harvesting, Post Harvest Handling, Financial costs associated with a Vanilla Smallholding; Vanilla is a vine. It roots in the surface of the soil and climbs up a support or tree. It likes shade; forested areas are suitable.

Pig Production and Rearing ManualPig Health and Disease Control, Economics of pig production and marketing, Practical management of Pigs, Pig Waste manangement, Feeds and feed management, Record Keeping, Pig Housing; Pig meat (pork) is often much more sought after than often plentiful beef, making it more expensive than beef.

Goat Rearing and Production ManualProcessing and Marketing of Goats and Goat Products, Basic Principles of Economics in Goat Farming, Management of Goat Waste and Environment, Goat Health and Hygiene, Goat Housing, Goat breeding and breeding performance, Goat production system and goat nutrition, Breeds of goat...

Micro-Rural Enterprise Development ManualMarketing, Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, Enterprise Development, Savings and Credit, References and Appendices;
A viable group owned enterprise is crucial for strengthening the individual farmer groups, making them stable and functional. Properly managed the enterprise will have the capacity to generate profit, provide common purpose to the farmers group as well as improved livelihoods.
The Micro-Rural Enterprise Development manual is aimed at providing information to service providers, farmers and other stakeholders on: Savings and credit, Enterprise Development, marketing...
Mushrooms farming (7page pdf) - marketing and markets, customers, mushroom volumes, competition, varieties, production, time to harvest, pests and diseases prevention, fertilizer requirements, water requirements, cost of production, profitability...

Updated Market Prices

Commodity Market Prices (Uganda) - Cassava, beans, maize, beef, bananas, coffee, chicken, meat, cabbages, eggs, irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, flour, grain, matooke, tilapia, nile perch, rice, pineapple, turkey... from markets all over the country.

Youth Videos

I want to be a Millionaire - Many youths in Africa, want to have an education and better paying jobs. Few are thinking of earning alot of money from farming or agriculture, as this video shows.

But Agriculture is the next big thing in Africa! 

Are you ready for it? 

A youth today should position himself or herself to cash in on the next big business in Africa.

How do you do that? 

No better tools than using ICTs (mobile phones, computers, Internet... ) to have information on your fingertips which is provided right here. If you need anything, please send us an email or leave a comment on this blog and we will get back to you very soon.

Here is another video and article from CNN

According to Nigerian Obiageli Ezekwesili, vice president of the World Bank's Africa region, market reforms to encourage the growth of new agri-businesses could help tackle food insecurity in the future and help African nations become major food exporters.
"I think that agriculture is the next big thing on the continent, and this is a sector where the participation of the public sector and the private sector can really make things happen," says Ezekwesili.
"Africa could be called a food belt but they need to take away all the obstacles and constraints to agriculture production and productivity," she adds.

Farmer News Portals

Agri-Hub Uganda - Information meeting portal for farmer organizations

ALIN-East Africa publications - about exchanging development ideas and experiences on five key thematic areas; agricultural production techniques, environment management, market information, gender, health and HIV and AIDS.

The Daily Monitor Farming Magazine - Articles of farmers doing well in Agriculture, micro finance..

The Newvision Agribusiness page - lots of articles on how you can earn a living in Agriculture.

InfoTrade Market Information Services - Market information services and articles, free websms

Publications by the Dutch Development organizations - a repository of digital manuals on agriculture and rural development

CBI Digital publications repository - contains 3,000 documents including market studies, export manuals, design guides, fashion forecasts and 5,000 selected hyperlinks to additional information sources. They support exports from developing countries. You might want to read the search instructions on how to use this website.

FIT Uganda - who regard farming as a business and offer training, resources and expertise to help your agricultural business prosper.

Most of the links on this page link to documents that can be read with the freely available Adobe Acrobat reader (pdf) program. If you do not have it installed on your computer, you can download it here. Some documents are in .doc, .ppt which can be read using free LibreOffice or MS Office.


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