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Youth in Farming - is an initiative started to guide so many young farmers that have to solve Africa's agricultural problems. In Africa, we are stuck in using "stone age" technologies trying to feed and satisfy a people with more demands and choices than never before.

In truth, young farmers cannot grow enough food using tools such as a "hand hoe" or hoping and praying that it will rain or shine the next day. We cannot hold on anymore to haul in rich harvests after generations of farming same soils, not mentioning farming them using wrong agricultural methods.

A young farmer today must be smarter to profit from agriculture. This means access to the right agricultural information, seeds, farming methods, technologies and tools that work to produce not only for home consumption but for as many people as the farm can possibly support.

This blog is here to highlight and share the best practices that a young farmer needs to succeed in Agriculture.

Please leave your comments or contributions discussed on this blog.

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