5 Ways to Make Recurring Income in Agriculture in Africa

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Youth in Farming has previously compiled a list of 10 Ways to Earn a Living from Agriculture Without Owning a Farm, that include making a mobile phone app which a reader might consider as difficult, though its possible without programming skills. Now that information communication technologies (ICTs), such as mobile phones, are easily accesible in Africa, consider using ICTs to boost your income and agricultural success with the world. 

Find here below a list of ways you can earn money in agriculture through telling agricultural stories via video, teaching online, freelancing, writing on a personal blog and demonstrating the value of your agricultural knowledge on a physical farm. 

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5 ways to make money in Agriculture

  1. Vlogging - telling agricultural stories through video. DIY Garden Ideas youtube channel has 1.85 million subscribers gained from telling gardening stories through video. Study such a channel to tell similar stories in your community.  The Ghanaian Farmer is another thriving african youtube channel.

  2. Teach agricultural courses online on platforms like Coursera, zoom, skype and Udemy at a fee. On coursera, a search for "agriculture" courses gives only 37 results indicating that there is a huge gap still to be filled, unlike a search on "IT" which yields 4312 results. On Udemy, a search for "agriculture" yields 263 results with courses valued at $13.99 onwards. Your strategy could be to price your course lower or give it away free for a group of pioneers on the basis that they undergo training and provide valuable feedback that can be used to improve the content of the course.

  3. Freelance agriculture content writer. Freelance agricultural content writer on sites like fiverr and several other freelanceing websites. Some of such profiles on fiverr write content related with agricultural business plans, gardening, lawn care, landscape, logos, research projects, fruits, farm animals and charge anywhere between $10 to $80 per article. You might consider doing freelance writing as a side hustle with a full-time office/farm job.

  4. Setup a personal blog to tell agricultural stories. Share your passion and unique insights regarding agriculture with the world. After consistently writing and growing the traffic to your blog, you will be able to accept advertisers (such as google adsense), to pay you for your efforts. Building up such blogging value, will pay dividends well into the future due to your blog continually getting visitors, getting advertisers and maybe getting nominated for different awards that greatly improves your reputation and income. 

  5. Invest in attaining a quality agricultural education and setup a demonstration farm to put the knowledge to use. With your success, many aspiring farmers would be more than willing to pay fees to a visit and have a hands-on experience on attaining similar success. Dr Emma Naluyima has managed to reach a level of agribusiness success many dream of, on a small piece of land rearing pigs, maggots, fish, bananas, spices and many other innovative agricultural practices. 
In summary, making money in agriculture is possible but it requires that that you put in the work. Forget getting-rich-quick schemes, shortcuts or anything that promises getting money on autopilot. If you consistently put in the effort and ask for help where needed, with time you will suceed. 

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