Why You Need to Get your agribusiness Started Now

starvation and drought
As an african youth, if you are on the fence on whether you should engage in agriculture, you mostly should because the so many fellow africans need it to survive. If you started your agribusiness, you would positively contribute to more food being available in the future.

Sometimes reading news can be depressing especially stories about millions of people facing starvation, with nothing to eat - and most especially children. Having experienced not having enough to eat while growing up, upon reading such stories, i ask myself what I can do to help. 

And that is where inspiration for this blog came from. I have learnt to channel my help in writing stories to help fellow african youth choose an agricultural path to grow enough food to feed the continent while making money at same time. 

Here are few african stories making headlines lately 

1. Drought in east africa. According to the BBC, over 20 million people are facing starvation in turkana, northern Kenya. the land has become completely dry due to rains that have failed to come leaving both people and livestock with nothing to eat. 

2. African dependence on wheat from Russia and Ukraine. This bar chart made rounds when the Ukraine-russia war started showing a majority of african nations relying on wheat imports from these two nations. If you started on growing wheat today, you would feed people in Somalia, Benin, Laos, Egypt, Sudan, DR Congo, Senegal, Tanzania, Rwanda, Madagascar, Congo, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Libya, Tunisia, Uganda, Burundi, Yemen, Namibia, Kenya, Mauritania, Togo, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Malawi, South africa and Eritrea - countries waiting on wheat imports that are not coming due to an ongoing war.  

3. Over 43 million people need food in Sahel and West Africa, according to World Food Programme (WFP). A food crisis affecting people living in both rural and urban areas that is escalated by increasing food prices, drought and poor crop yields, conflicts, locusts and the effects of the corona pandemic. 

Consider growing macadamia nuts that are currently the most expensive nuts with increasing demand, farming crickets and black soldier fly for insect protein that is needed for animal feeds, and/or sharing your knowledge and skills on agricultural topics.

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